What is it like?

The AbbeyChurch is liturgical (that is, we draw upon ancient forms of Christian liturgy).  We like to say that we're reverent but informal.  Our gatherings include the participation and the joyful sounds of children!  We celebrate Communion / Eucharist weekly. 

We sing. Our music is an eclectic yet singable blend of traditional hymns, spirituals, praise songs, contemplative chants and music drawn from the wider culture - all played by a rotating host of musicians. 

We sometimes have interactive prayer stations instead of written or spoken prayers. 

Occasionally we hold a 'bluegrass mass', a beer and hymns night - or a time of contemplative prayer in the way of the Taize Community. Our 'parent' community, the Emmaus Community offers times of daily pray in a variety of forms. 

What about my children?

The AbbeyChurch loves children. 

Kids participate in the worship as they are comfortable by helping read, set the table and help out with community.  We have a table up at the front with prepared kids activities.  We usually have two screened and trained childrens ministry leaders on site who take children during the sermon (talk) and teach the ancient stories of the Christian faith in a way that calls them to be followers of Jesus; to love God and people!  Most of our children are elementary or middle school age and we love to mentor teenagers in leading the children.

How do I get there? Where do I park?

The AbbeyChurch meets at First Met United.  There are many buses which serve this location, and bike racks in the Balmoral parking lot.  There is angle parking on Balmoral and some spots in the lot off Balmoral and another lot off North Park for cars.  We usually enter through the front Quadra doors. If you have an accessibility need that makes steps difficult, let us know and we'll help you in from another entrance. 

What do I wear?

Anything you'd like.  We're pretty casual, generally speaking. Or you can dress up. Come as you'd like.

How can I get connected?

Come and visit - or email us at admin@emmauscommunity.ca or call our community phone at 778 557 4166 - and grab a beverage with one of our leaders.