We're grateful for your financial support to our common life! 

The best way to give monthly is through PAR - a trustworthy system operated by the United Church - where money is withdrawn each month from your bank account and credited to us. To register for that, please fill out this form. Once it's ready, just attach a blank/voided cheque - and hand it to our treasurer - currently Rob Crosby-Shearer - or email a scan of the form and voided cheque to treasurer@emmauscommunity.ca.   PAR is withdrawn on the 20th of each month.   

You can also gives to the AbbeyChurch / Emmaus Community by donating online through CanadaHelps.   Please select option 3 ' Emmaus Community' from the drop-down menu here. You can select a one-time (immediate) or re-occurring donation.  This option is more convenient than PAR, but it takes a 2.6% cut.

You can also send cheques made out to the "Emmaus Community" to 1702 Belmont Avenue.  Victoria BC V8R 3Z1.

We can also accept donations after worship by credit or debit card (debit preferred).  Email us for more information or catch one of our leaders after we meet on a Sunday.

We're deeply grateful for any support you can give to The Abbey / Emmaus Community.

* * *

The AbbeyChurch (a ministry of The Emmaus Community) is grateful for support from the following:

-The United Church of Canada Foundation New Ministries Fund

-The United Church of Canada Leadershift Church Planting Project (Pacific Mountain Region)

-The United Church of Canada ProVision Fund

-The Anglican Diocese of BC (Various Funds)

-The Anglican Foundation of Canada

-The mission funds of various United Church congregations and Anglican parishes