Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

We seek to pray the offices both individually, and regularly as a community. 

Morning prayer happens Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on 7:45am each weekday morning in the Belmont Ave. Chapel.  If you're planning on showing up - do double check our calendar.  We usually have Compline at 8pm on Thursdays as well.  

If you're looking to pray on your own, you can use the Church of England's version here - or search for the Church of England App.  - or from the UK Methodists here.  Some of our members pray with the audio podcast/app from Pray-As-You-Go from the UK Jesuits.

When we pray, our community uses the daily Eucharist readings (usually at least the daily Psalm and Gospel) which can be found here. 

We welcome (and often receive) prayer requests via email or by filling out at card at AbbeyChurch or our fence boxes....