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The Emmaus Community and The AbbeyChurch

Prayer and Communion Gatherings other than Sunday Afternoons 

 Re-starting April 8th.

Mondays at 9am - Morning Prayer with Centering Prayer @ AbbeyChurch office (off the Balmoral parking lot, metal stairs up) - in-person only.

Tuesdays at 8:15am - Morning Prayer hybrid zoom/in-person at Lynn and Phill's Near Castle Hardware.

Tuesdays Eucharist at 11am at and with Our Place (Starting date to be confirmed) on Pandora

Thursdays at 8:15am - morning prayer - chapel / hybrid zoom

Fridays at 8:15am - morning prayer - on-line zoom only

Sundays at 10am - Spanish Anglican Eucharist at Quadra/Balmoral Chapel. Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe - Misas Todos Los domingos a las 10: 00 de la Mañana con Fr. Dimas Canjura  


Our weekday common prayer is liturgical in nature and based on ancient monastic practices. 

It's open to all who wish to join in-person or online.

We sometimes chant the psalms, listen to a reading or readings assigned for the day, have a short period of silence, sharing and intercessory prayer.


The liturgies and psalter are posted in the usual spot.  

Please do email for a zoom link if you are joining online.