Below are the documents regarding our reopening for worship on July 12, including the Safety Plans for reopening, which include protocols.  Here is also a partial overview of our plans. We welcome your feedback. 

- The AbbeyChurch Clergy and Staff


AbbeyChurch re-opening for worship July 12...
some thoughts and plans.
We have received approval to re-open on July 12 for Public Worship and are continuing to prayerfully discern and listen to the community, the wider church and the health authorities as we approach that date.   

We're excited to be able to gather in both dispersed and gathered forms - and will gather as beloved community - as safely as possible with song (not congregational), word and sacrament!)
Please do send any thoughts on this to [email protected]
Our complete documentation around re-opening is here - but, presuming we do re-open, here are some of the precautions we are planning on taking:

- Folks will need to self-assess, sign in (these will be destroyed after 30 days) and hand sanitize on entry.
- Seating will be limited to 2 metre distances between individuals / families or folks in same bubble - leaving room for the first 40 or so folks (including the balcony) to worship. 
- There will be communion, but only with single 'hosts' (wafers) and only clergy serve and will sanitize hands and wear face masks (don't worry folks, we have some coming in liturgical colours).
- There will only be one reader / user of a microphone.
- Washrooms will be cleaned after each use (we encourage you to go before you come to church :)).
- The space will be sanitized before and after worship (all cleaners and hand sanitizers Health Canada approved).
- The band will be on the raised area a good distance from the congregation and there will be no public singing.
- Hymnals, books and all touchable items have been removed as have cushions on the pews (we still have some cloth chairs for those we wish to use them).

- There will be no reusable leaflets (we will likely project on the screen).
- We are still looking at children's ministry.  If it happens, we will have kids outdoors at 2m distances.  Otherwise, children will sit with their parent(s)/guardian(s).

We have heard from a number of folks, especially those who are on the edges of our common life, and haven't been connecting on daily prayer, bible study etc. who are eager to gather and many of you have been writing and texting to this effect.  

At the same time, we are aware of those who are unable to join for worship.  With this we have a few extra proposals:

- Clergy will drive or bike the sacrament around town after worship on Sunday so that those who are unable to join so that the whole local community can have access to the sacrament.
- We will continue to livestream and curate youtube chat - connecting the dispersed and gathered community in 'real time'.
- We will continue regular prayer on Zoom - which is currently serving a group of folks who are related to the AbbeyChurch and Emmaus (and beyond!) of over 20 different folks every week.